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Ethan Skinner
Misty Shroud over a forest — Image by Jay Mantri (

Right now, we have so much hope placed into society based upon the welfare and security of our planets biodiversity and ecosystems; but where is all that support going?

The support we give day in day out to reduce our carbon footprint, reduction of household energy usage via smart meters and plastic necessity. …

The Majestic Accompaniment of the Mountain Gorilla — Image by Ryan Al Bishri (

I have already described before the pains of the world that are ignored by human kind. I am not saying that all humans are the same, they aren't. I am saying that is us that make the difference and influence this world, a world that allows us to live and to breathe.

Life. Life is not to be taken for granted. We have been given this chance at life, a chance whether it is believed to have been given Gods or it has been gifted to us from the very source of the world that we call mother nature, it…

Ethan Skinner

Natural World Activist and Conservationalist aiming to save the world one person at a time!

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